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American Bombshell

American Bombshell Little Boy Butt Plug

American Bombshell Little Boy Butt Plug


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Vac U Lock Compatible

This plug offers a satisfying experience with its impressive design. Here are its features:

  • Large, Tapered, Egg-Shaped Head: The plug is designed with a large, tapered, egg-shaped head for easy insertion, providing a gradual and comfortable stretching sensation.

  • Midpoint Ring: The midpoint ring serves as a final ridge, providing additional stretch and stimulation before transitioning into the narrower stem of the plug.

  • Flared Base: The flared base ensures safety during anal play by preventing the plug from going too far inside the body. It can also be used as a grip for partnered play, enhancing control and maneuverability.

  • Perfect for Advanced Players: This plug is suitable for advanced users who are looking for a more intense anal experience. Its size and design cater to those who are comfortable with larger toys and seeking a fulfilling sensation.

  • Body-Safe: The plug is made from body-safe materials, prioritizing your health and well-being during use.

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