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Lux Fetish

Lux Fetish Collar and Leash Set

Lux Fetish Collar and Leash Set


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The Lux Fetish Collar and Leash is a bondage accessory designed to enhance power dynamics and role play experiences. The set includes a comfortable neoprene collar and a mesh leash with medical-grade steel clips.

The collar is made of neoprene, a soft and flexible material that provides comfort during wear. It securely fastens around the neck and can add a sense of ownership and control to the submissive partner. The mesh leash is attached to the collar using medical-grade steel clips, ensuring durability and reliability during play.

This collar and leash set can be used in various power exchange dynamics, allowing for the exploration of dominant and submissive roles. It can add excitement and intensity to your fantasies and role play scenarios.

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