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Master Series

Master Series Master Lasher Wooden Flogger

Master Series Master Lasher Wooden Flogger


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Assert your dominance with the authoritative Master Wooden Slapper! This slapper features a thick and ergonomic wooden handle that provides a satisfying grip and swing. The supple PU leather strap delivers just the right amount of sting, allowing your partner to experience the perfect balance of pleasure and discipline.

Whether you're a seasoned BDSM enthusiast or just beginning your journey, the Master Wooden Slapper is suitable for all skill levels. It allows you to administer appropriate discipline to your bratty sub with confidence and control.

Designed for striking meaty body parts such as the upper back, thighs, and booty, this leather slapper is a must-have for lovers of rough play and BDSM. The thick handle is not only easy to manipulate but also visually appealing with its genuine wooden details and robust leather strap.

For an authentic BDSM experience, consider combining the Master Wooden Slapper with wrist cuffs, blindfolds, and gags, taking your play to a heightened level of pleasure and exploration.

Measurements: Overall length 18.5 inches, slapper length 10.25 inches, slapper width 2 inches

Materials: Wood, PU Leather, metal

Colour: Brown and Black

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