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Master Series

Master Series Riding Crop 24"

Master Series Riding Crop 24"


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Expand your collection with the addition of this sturdy riding crop, ensuring a wicked tool is always within reach for spankings and kinky play. Crafted from vegan-friendly leather, it delivers a sharp and pleasurable bite, allowing you to tantalize your partner with delightful sensations of pain. The textured grip ensures a secure hold during intense play, while the firm yet flexible glass fibre rod handles impacts with precision. The triangular end provides precise and specific impact play. To clean, simply spray with a toy cleaner or a mixture of alcohol and water.

After teasing and negotiating, bend your partner over and begin warming up their behind with gentle spankings and floggings. Once they're ready, lightly tap them with the crop's triangular end, delivering precise and slightly stinging impacts. Gradually increase the intensity, observing their flushed, reddened skin, until they've had their fill. Take a moment to rub the areas you've struck, providing comfort, and resume when they're ready for more.

Measurements: Overall length: 24 inches. Crop width: 1.5 inches.

Materials: Aluminium, PU leather, glass fibre.

Colour: Black.

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