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Ouch Neoprene Collar with Leash Black

Ouch Neoprene Collar with Leash Black


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The Ouch! Puppy Play product line offers a range of items designed to enhance your role-playing experiences and create a unique dynamic between you and your partner. The line includes items such as collars, leashes, and other accessories to help create an immersive puppy play scenario.

The collars and leashes in the Ouch! Puppy Play line are designed with both comfort and durability in mind. They are made from high-quality neoprene, a soft and flexible material that provides a comfortable fit for your "pet." Neoprene is known for its stretchability and resistance to water, making it an ideal material for extended wear and play sessions.

In the context of puppy play, the collar and leash can serve as symbolic tools of control and training. They can help establish a power dynamic and reinforce the role of the dominant partner. The leash allows you to guide and lead your "puppy" around, adding to the immersive experience and allowing for training and obedience exercises.

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