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Nexus Beat Remote Control Prostate Thumper Butt Plug

Nexus Beat Remote Control Prostate Thumper Butt Plug


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The Nexus Beat Remote Control Prostate Thumper is a cutting-edge prostate stimulator that utilizes rhythmic "thumper" technology to deliver unparalleled stimulation to your prostate. This innovative device offers a unique and satisfying experience like no other.

Featuring a 100% silicone shaft, the Beat provides a smooth and comfortable insertion. Its ergonomic design is specifically crafted to target the prostate with precision, ensuring optimal pleasure and satisfaction.

The Beat offers six thumper modes, allowing you to explore rhythmic pulsations that deliver intense prostate stimulation. Additionally, it features six vibration modes that further enhance the sensations. With a total of 48 combinations to choose from, you can customize your experience to suit your desires.

This prostate thumper is equipped with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. The included remote control is also rechargeable, providing convenient and hassle-free operation.

Designed to enhance versatility, the Nexus Beat is waterproof, allowing you to explore your desires in the bath or shower. Whether you prefer solo play or want to involve a partner, this waterproof feature adds an extra dimension to your intimate experiences.

Indulge in the Nexus Beat Remote Control Prostate Thumper and take your prostate play to an entirely new level. Explore the various thumper and vibration modes, enjoy the dual stimulation of the perineum massager, and appreciate the convenience of its rechargeable and waterproof design. Allow this advanced device to unlock new realms of pleasure and elevate your prostate play experiences.

Indulge in the powerful and versatile pleasure of the Ride Extreme, with its dual motors, customizable vibrations, and ergonomic design. Experience the delights of prostate and perineum stimulation with this premium toy, crafted from body-safe materials and designed to provide maximum satisfaction.

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