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Nexus Wash Toy Cleaner 150ml

Nexus Wash Toy Cleaner 150ml


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Introducing Nexus Wash, the ultimate toy cleaner designed specifically for all your Nexus toys. This fragrance-free cleaner is a blend of natural antibacterial ingredients, making it safe and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Keeping your toys clean has never been easier. Simply spray Nexus Wash onto your toy and wipe it off using a dry cloth for a quick and effective clean.

Nexus Wash is compatible with all toy materials, ensuring that you can confidently and safely clean your favorite toys without worrying about any damage or discoloration.

Enjoy the benefits of an odorless cleaning experience, as Nexus Wash leaves no lingering scents behind.

With a convenient 150ml capacity, Nexus Wash provides you with ample product to keep your toys fresh and hygienic.

Choose Nexus Wash for a reliable and gentle toy cleaner that keeps your pleasure toys in pristine condition.

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