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If you are looking for something truly massive but still usable and are not prepared to compromise then the OMG is the one for you.

No Compromise

OMG (it stands for ‘Oh My God’) was originally designed as a display piece, but more and more people wanted one, so we decided to ad the OMG to our current product range. A massive 3” in diameter and weighing over 1.6Kg these are massive in every way. And they don't just look good the OMG is a fully functional bipolar e-stim electrode, although it is a bit big for many people.

Because of its massive size we only recommend its use with our E-Stim control units, a TENS unit will just not have the power needed to drive this beast. The OMG is nearly the biggest commercially produced e-stim electrode in the world, but if you want something even bigger we have that as well.... the Decimator™

The OMG can be taken apart for cleaning, just don't drop it on your foot! Connections are two 4mm connections in its base.

Like all of our other premium electrodes the OMG is covered by a lifetime guarantee and is available in our new luxurious Satin finish, as well as a Polished option.

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