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Ouch Silicone Dilator Sound Set

Ouch Silicone Dilator Sound Set


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A silicone urethral plug can be a suitable choice due to its flexibility and body-safe properties. The fact that it can shape to fit the body it is used in can enhance comfort during play. Having multiple sizes available can provide options for exploration and customization based on individual preferences and comfort levels.

Combining different sizes of urethral plugs can be done with caution, but it's essential to proceed slowly and gently, ensuring that each step is comfortable and pleasurable. It's always recommended to use appropriate lubrication to minimize discomfort and potential injury.

Sounding is considered non-traditional and can be exciting for individuals who are interested in exploring new sensations and experiences. The urethra does pass through sensitive areas in the penis head and the G-spot, and direct stimulation of these nerves can offer unique sensations. 

It's important to thoroughly inspect, wash, sanitize, and sterilize any urethral plugs before and after each use to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of infection. Following proper cleaning and sterilization procedures is crucial to minimize the potential for complications.

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