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Oxballs Ergo Butt Plug Smoke Medium

Oxballs Ergo Butt Plug Smoke Medium


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Introducing the ERGO PLUG, a sleek silicone butt plug featuring an ergonomic kidney-shaped design and a secure flared base.

The soft silicone flanges ensure a snug fit, and each plug is uniquely hand-poured, guaranteeing individuality. The Ergo is crafted from extra squishy, blubbery silicone that's both stretchy and soft to the touch. Lube-safe with water-based, silicone, hybrid, or oil-based options, cleaning is a breeze with detergent and hot water, diluted bleach solution, or even the dishwasher.

Specifications include a length of 4.25", usable length of 3.75", and a weight of 8 oz.

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