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Oxballs Morphole-2 Gaper Butt Plug Black Ice Large

Oxballs Morphole-2 Gaper Butt Plug Black Ice Large


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Introducing the Large MORPH-HOLE fuck plug by Oxballs, an exceptional toy that encompasses all the desired features for a fulfilling hole-gaping and stuffing experience. This innovative plug is crafted from the new MORPH stretch PLUS+SILICONE™ TPR/Silicone rubbery blend, boasting a luxurious velvety BLACK ICE colour.

Designed with an ergonomic shape, the plug fits snugly all around, offering a satisfying tightness and an ideal depth. It widens precisely where desired, while remaining narrow in the areas where grip is essential. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit during play.

Every aspect of the MORPH-HOLE's design has been carefully crafted to cater to your cravings. The inner plug features ribbed rings and humps, providing delightful sensations for your partner's pleasure. The outer lips of the MORPH-HOLE keep your crack enticingly wide open, offering an incredible view of your tunnel. With your hole fully exposed, you can effortlessly apply lubrication deep inside, setting the stage for intense and exhilarating crack-stuffing fun.

Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with the Large MORPH-HOLE fuck plug. Its thoughtfully engineered design and premium materials ensure a memorable and gratifying experience for all your hole-gaping and stuffing desires.

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