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Rouge Luxury Lockable Padded Leather Collar Red

Rouge Luxury Lockable Padded Leather Collar Red


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Introducing the Luxury Leather Padded Collar, a comfortable and stylish accessory designed for BDSM enthusiasts. This collar combines soft leather lining with a padded design, providing both comfort and a visually appealing BDSM aesthetic.

The collar features a padlock-able buckle, allowing for an extra level of restriction and control during play. With the option to lock the collar, it adds a sense of power exchange and enhances the submissive experience.

Equipped with three heavy-duty 1 1/2 inch D-rings, this collar offers versatility in attaching various BDSM accessories or restraints. You can connect leads, ropes, or other restraints to the D-rings, allowing for creative and customizable play scenarios.

The collar has a total length of 18 inches and a width of 2.7 inches, providing a substantial and noticeable presence. It is designed to fit neck sizes ranging from 13 ½ to 16 inches, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for most individuals.

The roller buckles with 5 long holes allow for easy adjustment and secure closure, accommodating different neck sizes and preferences. The collar also features three heavy-duty ring loops, providing additional attachment points for leads, ropes, or other restraints.

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