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Master Series

Master Series Peep Hole Clear Hollow Butt Plug Small

Master Series Peep Hole Clear Hollow Butt Plug Small


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The Peephole anal plug is a unique toy designed for anal exploration and visual stimulation. Here are its features:

  • Visual Experience: The Peephole anal plug is constructed with a clear and hollow design, allowing for maximum visibility. This provides a captivating visual experience as you explore your partner's anal pleasure.

  • Versatile Liquid Play: The opening of the plug is designed to accommodate fluid interactions, such as delivering an enema or engaging in other creative activities. It provides opportunities for versatile liquid play and experimentation.

  • Comfortable Extended Wear: The contoured base of the Peephole anal plug ensures a comfortable experience during extended wear. This allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of the plug without discomfort or irritation.

  • Lubricant Compatibility: The plug is compatible with both silicone-based and water-based lubricants. This gives you the flexibility to choose the lubrication method that suits your preferences and ensures a smooth and comfortable experience.

  • Measurements: The Peephole anal plug has a total length of 3.25 inches, with 2.5 inches of insertable length. The diameter of the plug is 1.55 inches.

  • Material: The plug is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), a soft and flexible material commonly used in sex toys. TPE is body-safe and provides a comfortable texture for anal play.

  • Colour: The Peephole anal plug is clear in colour, further enhancing the visual aspect of the experience.

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