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Pjur Analyse Me Anal Comfort Spray 20ml

Pjur Analyse Me Anal Comfort Spray 20ml


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Experience enhanced comfort during anal intercourse with the soothing Pjur analyse me! Anal Comfort spray. Specially formulated to prevent over-sensitivity, this spray contains panthenol and aloe, which work together to increase the elasticity of the skin and tissues in the anal area. By counteracting over-sensitivity, it allows for a more pleasurable experience without reducing sensation.

With the absence of lidocaine or benzocaine, you can enjoy the full range of sensations without any numbing effect. It is the perfect complement to our Pjur analyse me! Glides for a seamless and enjoyable anal experience.

Applying just a few sprays to the anal area is all you need for each application. Prior to use, we recommend performing a patch test on your forearm to check for any potential allergic reactions. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions. Keep the product out of reach of children and avoid spraying on open wounds.

Rest assured, this spray is compatible with latex condoms, ensuring both comfort and safety during intimate moments.

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