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Pjur Analyse Me Serum 20ml

Pjur Analyse Me Serum 20ml


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The pjur analyse me! Serum is a specialized product designed to enhance comfort during anal intercourse. Here are some details about this serum:

  • Comfortable Anal Intercourse: The serum is specifically formulated to provide a more comfortable experience during anal sex. It is intended to reduce sensitivity without numbing the area, allowing for pleasurable sensations while minimizing discomfort.

  • Invisible Protective Film: When applied, the serum forms an invisible protective film on the skin. This film helps reduce sensitivity and provides a layer of lubrication, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable experience.

  • No Numbing Effect: Unlike some other products, the pjur analyse me! Serum does not contain lidocaine or benzocaine, which are numbing agents. Instead, it focuses on reducing sensitivity without dulling the sensation.

  • Safe and Compatible: The serum is safe to use with condoms, and it is suitable for daily application. It is also compatible with latex condoms, ensuring that it won't damage the material or compromise its effectiveness.

  • Ideal Combination: The pjur analyse me! Serum is designed to work well in combination with the pjur analyse me! Anal Glides. Using these products together can further enhance comfort and pleasure during anal intercourse.

  • Concentrated Gel: The serum comes in a concentrated gel form, allowing for easy application and control over the amount used. A small amount of the serum is typically sufficient to achieve desired results.

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