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Pjur Backdoor Comfort Anal Glide Moisturising Water Based Lubricant 30ml

Pjur Backdoor Comfort Anal Glide Moisturising Water Based Lubricant 30ml


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The Pjur BACK DOOR Moisturising is a water-based anal lubricant that offers a long-lasting and moisturizing effect. 

  • Water-based with silicone-like feel: This lubricant is water-based but designed to feel almost like silicone lubricants. It provides a smooth and slippery sensation, enhancing comfort and pleasure during anal play.

  • Enriched with hyaluron: The formula of Pjur BACK DOOR Moisturising includes hyaluron, an ingredient known for its ability to bind large quantities of water. This results in the formation of "small water cushions" that support and increase the lubricating effect. The presence of hyaluron contributes to a long-lasting and moisturizing experience.

  • Ideal for anal sex: This lubricant is specially formulated for intense anal sex. Its higher concentration of ingredients makes it suitable for individuals who prefer water-based products but require a lubricant that can meet the demands of hard anal play.

  • Compatible with sex toys: Pjur BACK DOOR Moisturising is safe to use with sex toys. The water-based formula won't cause any damage to the materials commonly used in sex toys.

  • Compatible with latex condoms: This lubricant is compatible with latex condoms, making it suitable for safe and protected sexual encounters.

When using any lubricant, it's important to apply an appropriate amount for smooth and comfortable penetration. Reapplication may be necessary during extended play. 

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