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Prowler RED

Prowler RED Anal Training Butt Plug Kit

Prowler RED Anal Training Butt Plug Kit


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Experience comfort and pleasure with the Prowler RED Anal Training Kit, a thoughtfully designed set crafted to cater to your needs. Made from body-safe silicone, these plugs offer a smooth texture that provides incredible and gentle sensations during insertion.

This comprehensive kit includes three different sizes to accommodate your preferences and experience levels. The Small plug measures 25 x 100mm, the Medium plug measures 33 x 125mm, and the Large plug measures 41 x 160mm. Each plug features a tapered tip for easy and comfortable insertion, ensuring a pleasurable experience every time. The slim, flat, and flared base not only ensures safety and prevents over-insertion but also provides maximum comfort during use.

Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of anal play or an experienced enthusiast seeking new sensations, this set of three plugs is perfect for individuals of all levels. Embrace the versatility and enjoyment of the Prowler RED Anal Training Kit as you embark on your anal exploration journey.

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