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Prowler RED

Prowler RED CHOMP GAG by Oxballs

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CHOMP is a soft Liquid Platinum Silicone mouth-gag designed like a sports bite guard. Adjustable nylon straps keep it firmly in place and lets you customize the fit for any size face. The base of CHOMP fits securely in the black metal o-ring. This design is a safer gag, if needed, the user can pop the silicone gag out of the straps without hands.


We love toys that function right and are sexy…CHOMP has a breathing hole in the middle of the bite guard for safety and we fit the opening with a black insert that can be attached to tubing.

Silicone is our favorite material for gags, it's super easy to clean and it has no scent or taste. The nylon straps can be washed and will last longer than neoprene or leather.


  • Soft material and stretchy straps keep CHOMP in place
  • Mouth-gag is made from our best-selling super soft, stretchy Pure Platinum Silicone
  • Sleek silicone mouthpiece can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Great addition for bondage and sensory deprivation