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Prowler RED

Prowler RED by Oxballs Penetrator Cock Ring Double Penetrator Black

Prowler RED by Oxballs Penetrator Cock Ring Double Penetrator Black

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Made for us by Oxballs, the Prowler RED Penetrator is a dildo attached to a cock ring that easily attaches to you. Just stretch the ring around your cock and balls and the shaft lays on top of your meat for hot double-penetration play. It's not a cock sheath or strap-on so your dick is free. You can DP or just thrust with the Penetrator and the stretchy cock ring keeps this tool on.

The Liquid Platinum silicone is just the right firmness. The ring grips the base of your shaft and balls making this feel like it is part of you while the dildo portion morphs to you, adding more to what you already have. Prowler RED Penetrator is designed so it curves around your dick at the base, then further down the shaft it becomes a second silicone dick on top of yours.

Prowler RED Penetrator is about 7 inches from base to tip so you can penetrate with either the toy or your dick first. It’s smooth and slick for easy double-penetration.

  • Made from our signature Liquid Platinum Silicone
  • Hefty silicone penetrator stays attached by a built-in cockring at the base
  • Unique design is perfect for double penetration
  • Shaft has concave underside that “morphs” onto you
  • Sleek, smooth attached dildo feels thick and fleshy to the touch



Length: 7
Width: 1.5 - 2.75
Cockring inner circumference: 4.75
Cockring outer circumference: 8.5
Smallest usable circumference: 3.75
Largest usable circumference: 4.5

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