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Prowler RED

Prowler RED by Oxballs Puppy Cock Ring Black

Prowler RED by Oxballs Puppy Cock Ring Black


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The Prowler RED Puppy is a cock ring designed by Oxballs that aims to enhance the wearer's erection and provide a tighter grip during anal penetration. It is made of stretchy silicone material that allows for flexibility and comfort during use.

Key Features:

Cock Ring: The Prowler RED Puppy is primarily designed as a cock ring, intended to help maintain a larger and harder erection by restricting blood flow. This can potentially enhance sensitivity and prolong sexual experiences.

  • Stretchy Silicone Material: The ring is made of stretchy silicone, which allows for a comfortable fit and accommodates different sizes. The flexibility of the material helps ensure a snug grip without causing discomfort.
  • Puppy Play Inspired Design: The design of the cock ring features elements reminiscent of a dog collar, adding a kink-inspired aesthetic to the experience. This design choice can enhance the experience for individuals interested in puppy play or similar BDSM activities.
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