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Prowler RED

Prowler RED by Oxballs Pup Tail Butt Plug Black/Red Medium

Prowler RED by Oxballs Pup Tail Butt Plug Black/Red Medium


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The Prowler RED Pup Tail is a super-smooth butt plug with an attached rubbery tail in conjunction with the silicone experts of Oxballs. The ergo-plug shape is designed to fit with a tapered neck and a smooth bean-shape that stays in place to give just the right combo of stretch and give. 

These tails are hand-poured and hand-finished using the best Liquid Platinum Silicone, for a feel and finish that you just can’t get with machine made product. Each tail/butt plug combo is made from two different types of silicone that make for blubbery, fleshy plug and a firmer tail that stays up and wags with every move. Our Pup Tail is perfect for comfortable insertion and animated wagging. 

Our tails are designed to stay in as the plug is narrower in the middle with humps at the top and bottom that keep it wagging high. The plug portion won’t twist or pull and is designed for max, stretchy comfort. 

  • Made from high quality Pure Platinum Silicone
  • Fleshy material and smooth texture are designed for comfort
  • Soft, rubbery tail is designed to wag and move with you
  • Must-have piece of gear for pup-players 

Pup Tail Medium

Usable plug length: 4.25
Smallest usable plug circumference: 4
Largest usable plug circumference: 6.5
Tail length: 12
Total length: 16.75

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