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Rouge Rubber Ankle Cuffs

Rouge Rubber Ankle Cuffs


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These rubber ankle cuffs are designed as an alternative to leather for individuals who prefer latex or are vegans. These cuffs feature a fully adjustable buckle strap and D-rings that allow the wearer to be restrained. Additionally, they come with a removable double trigger hook, which is suitable for beginners who are exploring bondage play.

Key Features:

  • Material: The ankle cuffs are made of rubber, providing a latex-like feel and catering to those who enjoy the sensation of latex or prefer vegan-friendly alternatives.
  • Adjustable Buckle Strap: The cuffs have a fully adjustable buckle strap, allowing for a snug and secure fit around the ankles.
  • D-Rings: The D-rings on the cuffs provide attachment points for restraints or other accessories, expanding the possibilities for bondage play.
  • Removable Double Trigger Hook: The included double trigger hook can be easily attached or detached, providing flexibility for beginners who are new to bondage play and prefer a gentler experience.

Size Specifications:

  • Length: The cuffs have a length of 32 cm.
  • Full Length: When fully extended, the cuffs measure 38 cm in length.
  • Width: The width of the cuffs is 6.5 cm.
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