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American Bombshell

American Bombshell Shell Shock Butt Plug

American Bombshell Shell Shock Butt Plug


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Vac U Lock Compatible

The American Bombshell Shell Shock Butt Plug is a large and wide anal toy designed for intense pleasure. Here are its key features:

  • Ultra-Rounded and Super Wide: The Shell Shock butt plug has an ultra-rounded shape and is super wide, providing a fulfilling and stretching sensation during use. Its large size offers a significant challenge for those who enjoy a more intense experience.

  • Large Size: The Shell Shock in size Large stands 8.5 inches tall with a hefty 10.36-inch girth. This substantial size is designed for advanced players seeking a more challenging anal play.

  • Flat Comfortable Base: The toy features a flat base that ensures comfort and stability during use. The base also serves as a safety feature, preventing the plug from being inserted too far into the rectum.

  • Stunning Gun Metal PVC Material: The Shell Shock is made of stunning Gun Metal PVC. This material is phthalate-free and body-safe, prioritizing your safety and well-being during use.

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