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Blue Line Snap Ball Stretcher

Blue Line Snap Ball Stretcher


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The Blue Line Snap Ball Stretcher is a product designed to provide a tugging sensation on the scrotum, giving the testicles a downward pull. This stretcher is intended to keep the testicles in place during sexual activity, potentially enhancing orgasms for the wearer.

Key Features:
• Scrotum Tugging - When wrapped around the scrotum, the ball stretcher applies a downward pull, providing a tugging sensation on the testicles.
• Enhancing Orgasms - By keeping the testicles in place, the ball stretcher aims to potentially enhance orgasms for the wearer during sexual activity.
• Width - The ball stretcher has a width of 1.5 inches, providing a snug fit around the scrotum.
• Popper Fastener - The stretcher features a popper fastener, allowing the wearer to adjust and tighten the stretcher according to their desired level of comfort and tightness.

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