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Prowler RED

Prowler RED Sounding Plug

Prowler RED Sounding Plug


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Experience intense stimulation with the Prowler Red Sounding Plug, featuring a unique rippled design that offers thrilling sensations as it is inserted into the urethra. Crafted from stainless steel, this plug is both durable and body-safe.

With a length of 14cm and a girth of 3.5cm, the plug provides a satisfying size for urethral play. The smooth tip ensures easy insertion, especially when paired with a generous amount of lubricant.

For convenience and safety, the plug is equipped with a ring that allows for easy removal. Additionally, it comes with a spare ring, providing peace of mind in case a replacement is needed.

When engaging in urethral play, it is crucial to prioritize hygiene and safety. Ensure that the plug is clean before and after each use, and use a water-based lubricant to enhance comfort and ease of insertion.

The Prowler Red Sounding Plug offers a unique and stimulating experience for those interested in urethral play. 

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