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Strict Leather

Strict Leather Three Layer Slapper

Strict Leather Three Layer Slapper


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The Three Layer Slapper is a powerful impact toy designed to make a lasting impression during intense spanking play. It is constructed with high-quality leather and built to withstand vigorous use.

This paddle features a handle that is sized for a firm grip, allowing for precise control and confident swings. The handle is adorned with gleaming silver studs, adding a visually striking element to the overall design.

The Three Layer Slapper is comprised of three separate layers, each designed to deliver a satisfying and attention-grabbing impact. When the paddle makes contact with the skin, it produces a loud and distinctive snap sound, heightening the sensory experience for both the spankee and the spanker.

The measurements of the Three Layer Slapper are as follows: it has a total length of 12.5 inches and is 2 inches wide, providing a substantial surface area for impactful strikes.

The paddle is crafted from leather, a material known for its durability and ability to provide a satisfying sting upon impact. The addition of metal studs further enhances the aesthetics and adds an element of edgy style to the overall design.

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