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Rawhide Toys

Rawhide Syron Realistic Dildo Flesh Large

Rawhide Syron Realistic Dildo Flesh Large


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Vac U Lock Compatible

Rawhide Toys presents Syron, a truly unique and special toy that is molded after the impressive cock of Porn Star Sam Syron. This toy boasts a long and thick shaft, adorned with plenty of veins that provide exquisite sensations as you take it deeper into your ass. Its perfectly tapered head ensures a smooth and effortless insertion, making your pleasure-filled experience a breeze.

Sam Syron himself wants us to clarify that the XL size is the original size, while the rest of the range has been scaled down. However, the choice of which size feels best inside your ass is entirely up to you, allowing you to customize your experience to suit your preferences and desires.

With Syron from Rawhide Toys, you can indulge in an unforgettable encounter, immersing yourself in the pleasure of a toy molded after the renowned Sam Syron. Remember to prioritize open communication, consent, and safe practices when exploring your intimate desires.

Suction Cup sold separately here


Size Original Size Medium Large XL
Total Length CM 21.5 27  32 37
Total Length IN 8.46 10.63 12.59 14.57
Insertable Length CM 19.5 23 27  31
Insertable Length IN 7.68 9.06 10.62 12.20
Circumference of Head CM 14 16 19.5  23
Circumference of Head IN 5.51 6.30 7.67 9.06
Circumference of Middle CM 17 19  23 26
Circumference of Middle IN 6.69 7.48 9.05 10.24
Circumference of Bottom CM 16 18  22 25
Circumference of Bottom IN 6.30 7.09 8.66 9.84
Suction Cup Compatible No Yes Yes Yes
Suction Cup Size N/A Small Small Large
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