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Master Series

Master Series Trine Steel Cock Ring Collection

Master Series Trine Steel Cock Ring Collection


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The Master Series Trine Steel cock rings are designed with a focus on simplicity, elegance, and strictness. Here are some key features of these rings:

  • Purposeful Design: The Trine Steel cock rings are intentionally designed to offer a straightforward and elegant aesthetic. The emphasis is on functionality and providing a strict, snug fit.

  • Easy to Use: Using these rings is effortless. Simply slide a Trine ring over the penis, allowing it to encircle like a halo. The design ensures a secure and snug fit that enhances pleasure and sensations.

  • Versatility: In addition to being used as cock rings, the Trine Steel Rings can also accommodate most harness systems. This versatility allows for adaptability in various sexual experiences and can enhance the functionality of harness systems.

  • Material: The Trine Steel C-rings are made from steel, which provides durability and a firm grip. The material adds a weighty and solid feel to the rings, enhancing the overall experience.

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