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Vac U Lock

Vac U Lock Knuckle Up Accessory

Vac U Lock Knuckle Up Accessory


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  • The Knuckle Up accessory is an exciting addition to the Vac-U-Lock system that takes hands-on play to the next level. Here are its key features:

    • Compatibility: The Knuckle Up accessory is compatible with the entire selection of Vac-U-Lock attachments. It features one-size-fits-all knuckle rings that sit below a standard Vac-U-Lock plug, allowing for easy attachment and use with a variety of Vac-U-Lock toys.

    • Versatility: This accessory is incredibly versatile and can be used for both masturbation and partner play. Its unique design adds a new level of functionality and novelty to your sexual experiences.

    • User-Friendly System: The Vac-U-Lock system is known for being user-friendly and easy to use. The Knuckle Up accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Vac-U-Lock system, providing a hassle-free experience.

    The approximate dimensions of the Knuckle Up accessory are as follows:

    • Total Length: 6 in. (15.2 cm)
    • Width/Diameter: 1 in. (2.5 cm)
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