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Oxballs Willy Rings 3 Pack Cock Ring Blue

Oxballs Willy Rings 3 Pack Cock Ring Blue


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Introducing the WILLY Ring 3-Pack by Oxballs, a set of super stretch cock rings that offer versatility and durability. Whether used individually, stacked, or layered, these rings provide a tight and stretchy fit that lasts. Unlike jelly rings, the WILLY Rings are built to withstand extended use, making them a long-lasting option.

The WILLY Rings are designed to be the perfect size, offering the right amount of stretch for a comfortable and secure fit. Made from Oxballs' toughest FlexTPR™ material, these rings are far superior to cheaper PVC alternatives that tend to break after just one use.

One of the notable features of the WILLY Rings is their stackability, allowing for gradual ballstretching. If you desire more stretch, simply add additional WILLY Rings over time. The slow, steady, and gradual stretching process can yield satisfying results.

The WILLY Ring 3-Pack has quickly become a favourite among Oxballs enthusiasts. With their tough construction, ideal sizing, and excellent stretch, these rings provide exceptional value and readiness for intimate moments. Whether you're looking for a quick solo session or preparing for a hot encounter, the WILLY 3-Pack ensures you'll always be prepared.

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