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Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump

Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump


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The Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump is a product designed to create a vacuum around the penis, promoting increased blood flow into the penis and potentially leading to a harder and larger erection. Here are some key features and guidelines regarding the pump:

  1. Vacuum Creation: The penis pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis, which encourages blood flow and potentially enhances erection quality. The increased blood flow may result in a harder and larger erection.

  2. Lubrication: To aid in the insertion and sliding of the penis into the pump, it is recommended to use water-based sex lube. This can help ensure a comfortable and smooth experience. Additionally, the lube can improve the vacuum seal by allowing the penis to glide past the soft jelly seal more easily.

  3. Pressure and Duration: Once the vacuum is created, you can enjoy the sensation of your erection. However, it is advisable to limit the pumping session to a maximum of 10 minutes at a time. After this time, it's recommended to release the pressure using the quick-release push button purge valve attached to the Max Results Pump chamber. You can re-pump your erection if desired, but avoid maintaining full pressure for more than 10 minutes.

  4. Cleaning: Cleaning the Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump is straightforward. Wash the tube with warm soapy water and ensure it is thoroughly rinsed. Pat it dry with a soft towel. Alternatively, you can use a toy cleaner specifically designed for cleaning adult toys to maintain a fresh and hygienic condition.

  5. Specifications: The Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump features various components:

    • Flanged base: Provides a secure seal with or without the removable silicone donut.
    • Pliable silicone hose and suction bulb: These components are flexible and allow for easy operation.
    • Quick-release push button purge valve: Enables the release of pressure when desired.
    • Materials: The pump is made of silicone (bulb, donut, hose) and ABS plastic (cylinder, purge valve).
    • Cylinder size: The cylinder has dimensions of approximately 8.5 inches x 2.5 inches (21.5 cm x 6.25 cm).
    • See-thru acrylic chamber: Allows for visual monitoring during use.

Remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for optimal and safe use of the Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump.

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