Collection: BLUE LINE



Blue Line is a brand that offers a line of advanced cock and ball torture (CBT) products designed for high-level kink customers and BDSM players. The brand specializes in providing a range of items that cater to different preferences within the CBT realm. 

Medical Grade Quality: Blue Line's products are made using medical-grade materials, ensuring high-quality and safe experiences for users. This focus on quality makes them suitable for individuals seeking advanced CBT experiences.

Extensive Product Range: Blue Line offers a wide variety of CBT products, including cock cages, ball stretchers, and prostate stimulators. These products cater to different desires and preferences within the realm of cock and ball torture.

Variety of Materials: Blue Line provides options in terms of materials used for their products. These materials range from vegan leather to metal to silicone, offering different textures and sensations to suit individual preferences and sensitivity levels.

Advanced Kink and BDSM Focus: Blue Line's products are designed with an emphasis on meeting the needs of advanced kink customers and BDSM players. The brand aims to provide items that cater to the specific desires and requirements of those who engage in CBT activities.